The Program:

Alter the Course (ATC) is the dynamic 7-day/6-night retreat program for young people. We offer an experiential journey where, without the conscious knowing, participants build life-sustaining internal coping mechanisms. This generation lives in a world of Insta-this and Snap-that, a-pill-for-this, and a-pill-for-that; ATC prescribes inspiration as the medication.

ATC seeks to ignite the passion that exists within every young person. We achieve this desired end by presenting various mediums that will allow access to the core of who they are and hope to be in this world.

"Archetypes are systems of readiness for action, and at the same time, images, and emotions. They are inherited with the brain structure indeed they are its psychic aspects."

  • The Academic: provoke a curiosity to learn.
  • The Artisan: awaken the desire to create.
  • The Alchemist: spark the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit.
  • The Athlete: introduce or reintroduce joy to a level of excellence.
  • The Author: inflame a desire to put pen to paper.
  • The Chef: present food as an art form.
  • The Entrepreneur: encourage creation, innovation, and development.
  • The Filmmaker: inspire the craft of visual story telling.
  • The Historian: evoke an interest in extrinsic and intrinsic history.
  • The Humanitarian: pursuit of greater purpose.
  • The Performer: celebrate the freedom of expression.
  • The Story-Teller: offer a voice to internal dialogue.

During this week, the participant develops the story of who they are. We encourage them to explore their authentic self. The process can take many forms. As most young people underestimate the power of their story. Not the story they have on social media, at school, or even at home. Most are very different from one another. The greatest challenge for most young people is the acknowledgment that they have a story to tell at all. They do. We know it. You know it. When they own their story, all becomes possible. It is a power like no other.

It is important to note that your loved one does not need to be an artist or leave as one. We believe by virtue of existing, they are a work of art in progress. Soon, they will come to know this as well.