The Program

The Program:

Alter the Course (ATC) is the dynamic 7-day/6-night retreat program for young people. We offer an experiential journey where, without the conscious knowing, participants build life-sustaining internal coping mechanisms. This generation lives in a world of Insta-this and Snap-that, a-pill-for-this, and a-pill-for-that; ATC prescribes inspiration as the medication.

ATC seeks to ignite the passion that exists within every young person. We achieve this desired end by presenting various mediums that will allow them access to the core of who they are and hope to be in this world. The daily schedule invites this exploration, and may include, but is not limited to:

  • The Artisan: photography, painting, clay, and mixed media.
  • The Astronomer: studying the night’s sky for inspiration.
  • The Chef: design a meal utilizing the culinary arts and sciences.
  • The Filmmaker: documentary storytelling.
  • The Healer: yoga, meditation, first aid and CPR certification.
  • The Historian: absorb the rich history of the land we reside on.
  • The Human: the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit.
  • The Influencer: review, reflect, revise, and right-size social media.
  • The Sportsman: fly fishing, skateboarding, yoga, and hiking.
  • The Writer: writing,  poetry, spoken word, and songwriting.

We invite our participants to tell their stories through whatever presented medium speaks the loudest to them. Not the story they have on social media, at school, or even at home. Most are very different from one another. The greatest challenge for most young people is the acknowledgment that they have a story to tell at all. They do. We know it. You know it. When they own their story, all becomes possible. It is a power like no other.

It is important to note that your loved one does not need to be an artist or leave as one. We believe by virtue of existing, they are a work of art in progress. Soon, they will come to know this as well.





7 days/6 nights

Session Capacity

8 - 10 participants


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Ages 13 - 17

Adolescent Sessions

Ages 18 -22

Young Adult Sessions

Airport Arrival

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A minimum deposit of 50% is due upon reservation. Due to the limited number of attendees in each session there will be a 20% cancellation fee within 15-30 days of your booking. There is no refund within 14 days of your arrival.  You may be offered another session, if there is one available. No refunds or credits are given for failure to attend, arriving late, leaving early, being asked to leave due to a safety issue or a violation of retreat rules/guidelines.

Requirements for Acceptance:

ATC conducts a brief phone interview as well as an online application to ensure your journey seeker meets our criteria for this level of engagement. You will be asked to fill out a confidential application and medical screening form. It is our goal to ensure the safety of all participants. If for any reason, we find your registrant is not appropriate for this level of engagement, we will assist you in finding a or program that is. 

Upon commitment, the family will receive the Welcome Packet that includes but is not limited to: enrollment agreement,arrival instructions, packing list, participant handbook, and contact numbers with a timeline of action items.


Travel is not included. Upon commitment, you will receive booking instruction as well as the local airline links for arrivals to the Airport. We will provide a two-hour window for arrival as well as one for the departure day. Our team will meet your journey seeker at the airport. Do not worry if their flight is late, we will remain at the airport. We understand the value of this precious cargo. 

An ATC staff member will send you confirmation when they have arrived.


If you would like to drive your journey seeker, you may. We will provide you with an arrival and departure window. You will be offered a brief  tour of the retreat house and property. 

Session Request:

You may request gender-specific or co-ed weeks. Sleeping quarters are separated by specified gender. If you have specific needs, please just reach out to 

Custom Sessions:

Requests for corporate and private organizations can be accommodated.