Alter the Course (ATC) is the dynamic 7-day/6-night retreat program rooted in the power of human connection and inspiration.

An experiential journey where, without the conscious knowing, participants are building life-sustaining internal coping mechanisms through the arts, film, music, writing, hiking, skateboarding, and meditation. They need not be an artist nor artistic. All of life is art. They, by virtue of breathing, are works of art. 

In a world of Insta-this and Snap-that, a-pill-for-this, a-pill-for-that; ATC prescribes inspiration as the medication utilizing mavericks, visionaries and experts to come share their passion, path and expertise in an effort to ignite the passion that exists within all young people.

The Program | Alter The Course
The Purpose | Alter The Course


Inspire and ignite the passion that exists within every young person. We seek to awaken the core of who they are and hope to be in this world. We carry the simple belief that one person connecting with another can alter not just their lives, but the lives of those around them.

ATC provides that need for “something”. The place that parents and young people have not only been looking but longing for. Where a diagnosis or a struggle is not a requirement nor necessity for entry.

A program with a pulse that is not traditional therapy or a treatment facility. There is a time and place for that, but this is not that time; this is not that place.

The Passion

Founder Lynne Pedersen is a well-respected thought leader. A pioneer with over thirty years of expertise. She is celebrated for her unrivaled passion and commitment to the advancement of mental health services.

Notably, Lynne has been honored by The NBA, National Basketball Association, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Paramount Pictures as well as a multitude of other achievement awards. Her expertise has been featured on broadcasts of ABC, FOX, KTLA, NBC, and Spectrum TV.

The Passion | Alter The Course

Spring and Summer Sessions opening April 3rd